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Re: Hobby Suggestions

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Some of your suggestions sound more like "jobs" than "hobbies."


I remember I got a chemistry set one Christmas when I was about 11 or 12 years old .... not much fun. 


I spent years working on computers - not much fun.


Give me some crochet hooks, knitting needles and some yarn .... I'm really, really, really happy!




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Paint by numbers and Diamond painting are two hot things right now and they have them for all ages.

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I have 2, but without more information it's hard


Does she have a small porch, deck or other outdoor place?


Indoor plants can be very satisfying.    African Violets are fun, beautiful, colorful & easy to propagate.    They can be grown indoors easily.


Photography, you don't need  fancy camera, most phones these days have an adequate camera for the novice.    


@Twins Mom 

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I am doing diamond painting. Not my favorite hobby but I started and am going to finish it. Our neighborhood did rock painting and hid them for the kids to find. I got my ideas from Pintrest as I am a good neat painter what to paint was the issue.

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Paint by number.

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@Sammijo10 wrote:

I'm sorry, folks, and I know I'm opening myself up to criticism for this,  but how about something mechanical or science related.  I'm thinking model building - there's lots of models at the craft stores and not very expensive - rocket building, simple car/bicycle mechanics,or computer programming or a chemistry set. Painting, stained glass (may be pricey) etc. Even exercize, like yoga or a martial art of some kind.


Except for gardening and geneaology, many of the suggestions are kinda sexist and put girls in the same box we've all lived in for the last 50 years.  

Well, if that were the case then maybe the OP shouldn't have mentioned gender in her post?


I'm sure a lot of the answers were based on what the contributors to the thread like to do themselves.....

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You have made some valid statements regarding age group and attraction to hobby.  


Several have suggested cooking baking and they are of interest.  Definite to encourage but with weight issues and gluten allergy it's constricting.

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Not Your Mother's Potholders!

I discovered this last year - grown up version of those loop potholders we made as kids.  These are very nice and useable and come in 2 sizes.  You can make all sorts of pretty patterns with them.  Warning- not cheap!!  Check Amazon.   






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I've been seeing ads on my social media feeds for Annie's Kit Clubs.

They appear to have quite a variety and I'm intrigued for myself. 

Has anyone else seen this or tried it? 

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@Twins Mom  Go to YouTube and type in Dollar Tree diy. There are tons of videos on crafts that can be completed using Dollar Tree supplies. She might enjoy making a wreath or decor items for her bedroom or the family's front door. Supplies using run 10 dollars or less.