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Re: Hi gidgetgh - Thinking of you!

@gidgetgh I know Parkinson's patients sometimes get worse in unfamiliar surroundings and change like he's been through.  Ours did too.  


My humble advice is if he is still "resting comfortably" and doing okay in rehab, take all the time to give him and yourself some recharge time.  That is just as important and a rare commodity.  


Let someone else do the heavy lifting for a bit before taking it back on if you can.  I am glad you are taking care of you. Smiley Happy

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Re: Hi gidgetgh - Thinking of you!

@gidgetgh  Oh what a nightmare merry-go-round you've been riding.  I hope they can stabilize your husband so he can return home soon.  Honestly,be sure you are able to handle his care before you decide to have him home.  I know you want that more than anything.  We always feel we can take care of our loved ones better than anyone and that's true.  But after all you've been through,too,you may need help.  Thoughts for you both to regain strength and health.


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Re: Hi gidgetgh - Thinking of you!

@gidgetgh  Glad you checked in.


If he's resting comfortably, that's a good sign.  You need to get some rest yourself.  Heart