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It's actually raining and I think haling a little too. It's hitting my skylight.

Dark as pitch !


Actually raining !


Woo Hoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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@SharkE  We had a torrential downpour about 2:30pm, this afternoon.  Woo-hoo is right.  Free water!  I'm holding my breath for no rain next week though.  They're coming Monday to start installing my new roof.  We're supposed to hit 90° for the first time and I'll have no AC for a couple days. 

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Re: Hey Kachina624

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Yikes, girl, up in Ind when our air would go out due to electrical outage I ran a tub of cold water and climbed in or took cold showers, LOL


Mercifully, down here in Tx. we got underground cables all thru the community nothing is above ground. Cleaner and neater looking.


Got so dark here around 4 I couldn't hardly see to get to my lamps and hail started hitting the kitchen skylight. I turned off the air and stuck fans up against the screen back door and bought in that 60' weather I felt like a Queen.


Just think of the poor folks on the roof !!!!!!!!!   I usually take off and go to walmart, library, shopping and get away from it. can't stand that hammering







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i do that to. cold bath couple weeks ago and lots of cold showers.