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Re: Here's A New One

@cats01 wrote:

I think technically (legally?) she is correct.  lf you receive a package that you did not order, you can either return it to the sender or keep it.  The recipient cannot be charged for the item.


At this point, USPS will handle it although I'm not sure what they can do if my understanding of "unsolicited mail" is correct.  Local PD?  Again, what is the current law governing "unsolicited mail"?

I think that if the packages were not addressed to her, that it was the mail person leaving it at the wrong address, I don't think she can keep it.  If an unsolicited package is sent to her, addrssed to her, she can keep for sure.

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Re: Here's A New One

There are so many rude, nervy, uncouth people in our world and that woman is one of them.  I find it very difficult to fathom how anyone could do something like that.  I hope the post office and the police take action against her.

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Re: Here's A New One

I've experienced a very rude neighbor when a package was delivered to her home by mistake.  She didn't like the inconvenience of having to bring it to my door.  Wow.  I've walked plenty of mail and packages around the neighborhood when it's happened to me.

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Re: Here's A New One

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@Veneziaand others who made a similar comment.  You all are absolutely correct.  My bad for very fuzzy thinking.

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Re: Here's A New One

I have apps on my phone for USPS, UPS and FedX.  When a package is delivered I get an immediate text it has been delivered.  If it's not by my door I call the carrier, they contact the driver and find out exactly where the package is, retreive it and deliver to me.  The USPS app includes a service called Informed Delivery that shows a scan of mail due to be delivered daily, as well a features for hold mail, package pick up and others.  


I will deliver a package to a neighbor if delivered to me in error but leave it to the carrier to find my package if not delivere correctly.  No way would I knock on someone's door I did not know and ask for a package.  

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Re: Here's A New One

@Bri369 wrote:

I believe it.


I had a package delivered to the wrong house.  The woman refused to give it to me.  I saw it sitting in her front entry.  


She said she called UPS to pick it up.  I have no idea if she just said that or she really called UPS to pick it up.  She refused to give me my package.  


Well, did UPS subsequently deliver it to you?  If she called UPS, they would have redelivered it to you. Hope you got it.

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Re: Here's A New One

@Kachina624 wrote:


@ScenicMaine wrote:

Unbelievable!  Luckily, most of us don't encounter these disgusting people.

I shouldn't be surprised about hearing the "new lows" of some idiots anymore.  


I hope your neighbor is able to get her packages back.  Good luck to her!

I hope she comes nack to let us know what happens next.  I'll  be watching and will let you know.

Oh please keep us informed @Kachina624 .  Why do people always shock me you would think by now they would not.

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Re: Here's A New One

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I was very fortunate to have one of my international packages

(a big box of Fortnum & Mason goodies)

wrongly delivered to an honest neighbour.  It was delivered to someone in the next block by DHL.  One address number and one street number off.  (The DHL courier told me later that he hadn’t paid attention to the address, where he delivered it gets regular DHL deliveries)


My phone number was on the package, the man who received it called when he discovered it on his doorstep when he got home from work. When I told him I didn’t drive so, would have to call him later after I called someone to help me, he graciously said he would drop it off on his way to work the next morning.

 I met him downstairs outside my apartment complex gate and asked if he would put it inside the gate, it weighed about 35 lbs; I figured I could open it in the courtyard and make several trips upstairs.  He not only put it inside the gate but, even carried it upstairs for me!   I offered him some money and cookies for his time and effort but, he refused saying it was only the right thing to do.