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I have a super glue glob on my Formica counter top. I have soaked it in Goo Gone, but it isn't loosening it. Anyone tried something that works?  TIA. Demitra

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It's really difficult to remove.  I had luck getting most of a glob off a counter but putting ice on it for about 10 minutes then popping it off with a metal spatula.

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I use nail polish remover when I get it on my fingers- try a dab of that..  it's the acetone what removes it. 

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Acetone. Nail polish remover.

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REALLY sharp putty knife.Kind of flat on counter AND push.  DO NOT GOUGE.  Hope you find sometning to work.

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I agree that nail polish remover will work.

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Another vote for nail polish remover. It must have acetone in it to remove the super glue.

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Be careful with acetone.  It may dull the finish on the formica.

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Good luck getting it off. I did this to our brand new countertop 2 years ago and nothing worked. Luckily you can't really see it, but I know it's there and it bothers me. 

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I got some on a shirt and never got it out.  But I did wear a hole through the shirt.