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Re: Help Me With Tips TO Save Money-Please????

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As you are now retired, be sure your car is insured for Pleasure Use only. A lot less expensive.

Manage your heat and A/C costs. Blankets and sweaters are already paid for when it's cold out. Use fans whenever possible instead of A/C. Maintain temps that are higher for air and lower for heat. 

Only run the DW and washer for full loads. Use the clothes dryer as little as possible.

Lower speed/cheaper internet?


BTW: while $800.00/ month to feed 2 people sounds like a super high number, I agree with those who say it is not out of line, at least where I live, to feed two adults who eat all their meals at home. Less meat on the plate, maybe 2 meatless dinners/ week and smaller portions.

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Re: Help Me With Tips TO Save Money-Please????

Years ago when gas prices first jumped over $3 a gallon, I changed my driving habits to no unnecessary trips.  Everything I had to do in town was done on the days I worked, and was already in town.


The major change was in grocery shopping and this works so well for me I’ve not changed my habits since I retired 6 years ago.   I don’t just shop for that trip, I shop ahead, and buy multiples of basic items.  I stock up on sale items.  I have 3 refrigerators, a freezer, and a large pantry, so I can stock a lot of food.   I don’t have those moments when I reach for something and don’t have it; I may reach for it and see there’s only one left, but by now I have this down to what is working great for us.   


I go to my local grocery store once a month, and usually spend $300, which includes whatever meat is on special that week.   I have not shopped in our local Wal-Mart store in the last year, but I place online orders 1-2x a month for dog food, paper products, laundry pods, shampoo, etc.   My teacher daughter has a card to Sam’s Club, and occasionally picks up things for me, like Aleve and bacon bits, but I don’t shop there.


I live in WV, where we generally have long, cold, dark winters with lots of snow.  I never make a run to the grocery store because bad weather is coming.   I stock heavily in the fall, and don’t go in the grocery store during flu season, which hits hard here in January, February and March.   By Christmas I have my own grocery store in-house, and am usually good thru February into March.  


I cook for 4-5 adults, and we rarely eat out.  I do have 2 QVC food items on auto delivery, but still don’t spend $800 a month on food.



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Re: Help Me With Tips TO Save Money-Please????

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Update home/auto insurance policies to reflect retirement status. Look for saving on reduced mileage if you are not driving as much in retirement. 


Ask for lower rates for TV cable/satellite services, even if it's only temporary.


Ask for lower rates for internet service.


Shop for reusable, not disposable items.


Buy in bulk.


Buy frozen or canned to reduce waste from spoilage.


Cook in batches and freeze portions.


Reduce energy spending by upgrading insulation features in your house. But not so much as to make that not cost-effective. 


Buy a programmable thermostat.


Change all light bulbs to LED type.


Drive your car less frequently by running errands in batches.


Consider using credit cards that will give you cash back and use it to pay for everything. Pay it off monthly to avoid interest fees. 


Pay down any or all pending debt.


There are many more ways to save money on energy costs for your home. Check with your ulitilty company for advice, ideas and tips.

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Re: Help Me With Tips TO Save Money-Please????

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My way may not be the best way but it works for me/us.  


I rarely go to any store.  I shop online.  My paper products are on auto delivery from Amazon.  I use curbside pickup for my groceries.  My husband hits the grocery once a week or so for fruits and veges.  If I don't go into a store, I can't add extras.


When we cook, we make enough for leftovers.  We eat out once every 2 months or so.  I no longer keep credit cards or debit cards in my purse, can't use them if you don't have them.


My pets food is delivered by chewy.


I am on a serious mission to move and my moving fund is growing.


Edited to add, we also do imperfect produce boxes.  

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Re: Help Me With Tips TO Save Money-Please????

Check out the premiums of other insurance companies for ur auto(s) and homeowners. You could be paying too much thru the insurance co. ur with. Raise ur premiums and lower the mileage u drive per year - since ur now retired.

Best to use an insurance agent - he/she could compare ur payments with other companies. Last year I changed companies and saved some money.

I've been retired for many years - and it's just me. I just started shopping on-line thru Costco dot com. I find that I'm not buying junk - but rather healthier foods - and I save so much energy not being at the store - although I enjoy going there occasionally. It's delivered to ur door and the delivery person even puts the food on my center island.


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Re: Help Me With Tips TO Save Money-Please????

When I retired a few years ago my insurance agent said they no longer had that "pleasure use only" benefit for car insurance.  One big expense that went down for me was gas since my job was about 33 miles round trip.  Also, $800 seems like a lot for food so I'd go over what you are buying and how you can cut back there.  Good Luck! 

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Re: Help Me With Tips TO Save Money-Please????

Perfect time of year to plant a garden if you can.


We previously grew carrots, lettuce, beans, cucumber, potatoes,

radishes, broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkins egg plant and more.



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Re: Help Me With Tips TO Save Money-Please????

Have u heard about a really good money saving tip where u only spend bills and no coin: all of your change put in a jar and every month you can accumulate $30 to $60 without even realizing it Smiley Happy

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Re: Help Me With Tips TO Save Money-Please????

$800.00 a month is not a lot of money for groceries especially if you don't eat out often. In the New York area food is expensive and if you eat organic and buy meat at the butcher, you could easily spend that here and more.


We eat a lot of seafood, so that adds a lot to our food bill. I guess you could cut back and eat lesser quality food but you may end up spending more on your medical bills.


I think the idea to draw up a budget is a good one. Every family has individual needs and since you said you don't spend money on entertainment, it seems like you are very frugal already...

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Re: Help Me With Tips TO Save Money-Please????

I know you may think this is not something you want to do, but check your local Goodwill store for great buys of children books for the grandkids as well as toys and clothing for yourself. I buy board books that can be wiped down with wipes to make them good as new.....I am very selective with toys but have found some amazing things, like a dollhouse complete with furniture for less than $ was like new. I keep it at our house for them to play with when they are here. You can also look for clothing for yourself. Tuesdays, our GW store has a 25% discount for age 60+....I have been amazed at some things I have a brand new Pottery Barn quilt with the tags still never know.