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Re: Help Me With Tips TO Save Money-Please????

Spend less time on QVC. 

Learn to admire without having to acquire. 

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Re: Help Me With Tips TO Save Money-Please????

Let’s start with you only need one [1] question mark.


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Re: Help Me With Tips TO Save Money-Please????

We need to remember that you don't eat out so $800 is all your food for a month. Still, I think you should try to cut back on your food budget. Once a week, I get a foot long sub that DH and I share. It's filling and our total cost is $3.75 per person. I'd advise you to shop the sales and plan meals around them.
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Re: Help Me With Tips TO Save Money-Please????

Before you panic and cut back on things you need, take a good hard look at your budget, how much money will be coming in and how much your bills come to. Do this for a couple of months so you get an average amount of what things actually cost you. Then you can make an educated determination as to where and if you need cut back and trim your expenses. You may find that things are not as dire as you seem to think they are. Wishing you good luck and try to enjoy your retirement.

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Re: Help Me With Tips TO Save Money-Please????



The Krazy Coupon Lady dot com


I look for yearly membership deals for Costco and Sam’s Club. Paper products and other bulk items are usually less expensive there. 


Search “budget food blogs” for recipes and tips.


Renegotiate your phone, cable/satellite, internet services.


Sell quality items you no longer use or need. 


Lidl’s (if this store is close to you) Aldi’s, Trader Joe’s.



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Re: Help Me With Tips TO Save Money-Please????

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I just did my budget and I spent 800 on groceries too.  That is a bit high.  I'm using coupons and buying what is on sale and freezing.  I have a full pantry and am using that food up.  You might find the same in your home.  I have cut that 800 by $100 so far and hope to cut by another 100.


I had been spending way too much on qvc.  I stopped that and am on month 3 with no qvc purchases.  


If you have early bird dinners in your area, lots of people take advantage of them when eating out.  

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Re: Help Me With Tips TO Save Money-Please????

I am retired and single. I do grocery shopping at Sam's, King Sooper, Target and Sprouts. I buy in bulk from Sam's.  I buy toilet paper, paper towels, kleenex, coffee, soda, bread, vegetables, meat and cleaning supplies. I find I spend about $250 per month. I eat a lot of vegetables and buying in bulk is good for me. I waste very little food.


As far as clothing, I purchase from Macy's. They have great sales and that is when I purchase. I am a platinum member and never have to pay shipping. If I buy something that doesn't work, I go to the store and return it.


 I never go out to eat. That doesn't work for me. I have never really been into eating out. I guess I am leary of how and who is preparing the food. It is one of my idiosyncrasies.

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Re: Help Me With Tips TO Save Money-Please????

I suggest you go to the recipe board, and ask for help with budget meals. The ladies are all creative cooks ,and  will be sure to give you some great meal ideas

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Re: Help Me With Tips TO Save Money-Please????

Are your vehicles fuel efficient?  Keep them maintained to optimize efficiency (of course you probably already do).


Consolidate and limit driving trips.


Get fewer haircuts (I'm not suggesting total despair over bad hair but I go to hats and headbands to lengthen the time in-between, as it grows).


Start bedding plants from seed.


I don't like to scrimp on groceries - we do not, I repeat, do not, ever eat out (like you) and I like a well-stocked kitchen.  I do shop sales and use coupons and stock up when it makes sense.  Make from scratch rather than buying prepared.  I try not to waste anything - that may mean emptying the last of the mustard into the new jar or using that last onion scrap in scrambled eggs, that kind of thing.  Leftovers are re-heated or re-purposed (DH loves leftovers).


Cut magazine/newspaper subscriptions to digital only, if applicable.


Save pocket change and put it in a piggy bank.  Adds up quicker than you might think and then it is fun to cash in for paper.


Air dry clothes rather than using the dryer.


Use a programmable thermostat if you have central HVAC, and set it according to your schedule and acceptable level of comfort (I try not to sacrifice there, but I try to be smart about it).


Are your toilets low consumption models?  Some of the old ones used as much as 6 gallons per flush!  Some of you will say yuck, but we don't flush every time we take a darn pee, either.


See if your auto insurance can be reduced.  If you now drive less that may factor in.


You got me to thinking.  It is often the small stuff that makes a difference in the long run, as you indicate in your original post.  Enjoy the free time, @Buyornot7 !

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Re: Help Me With Tips TO Save Money-Please????

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I kept high speed Internet, but got rid of cable tv.  Bought a $16 antenna from brings in 11 channels (including all the local ones).  My nephew gifted me with a Fire Stick...,I pay for a Prime membership as I don’t drive any great distances so it is my main way to shop.  I get so many channels and movies through Prime....I should have done this years ago!  Saves me $70 per month.


I had a cat in the past, and would love another..,,but with my limited income I cannot afford to be a good pet parent ....the food, vet bills, etc.  so no pet for me.  I enjoy friends’ and family’s pets.


i have no problem with picking up clothing or needed household items at a garage sale.


Since I am retired, I limit driving, keeping gas prices down.  


Turn my thermostat REALLY low when I go to bed.  I’m all covered with need to be warming up the apartment.