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The humidity was bad today!


I walked to our small over priced grocery store for a few things this morning and within 2 blocks from my house i was wore out!


plus i'm near a farmers corn field and the corn ripening is messing with my i'm staying inside  now where its nice and cool with my c/a.



Yep,Illinios  is warm and humid today!



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pardon me 4kitties,with heat index,will feel like 110.yikes! All my drapes have been shut for 2 weeks now.

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shoesnbags,I am about 300 miles from chicago. when I say 105 and now they are saying 110,I wasn't kidding I live in the quadcities,notttttt chicago!

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What I don't understand is why everyone wants to move to Florida?  I mean that's really hot in the summer.  You have stay in your air conditioned home, air conditioned car, etc. all the time. In fact the last 20 years or so, waves of people have moved to sun cities, like Austin, Phoenix, Santa Fe, etc.  The perma frost in Russia (65% of the land in Russia) is melting.  That means that bacteria, viruses, all kind of nasty things trapped under the ice will rise and enter the air streams. So people moan and groan about the heat, yet move in droves to hot places, to retire and die there.