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Please do NOT kill honey bees.

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He probably sees his reflection in your window.  Tape a pice of paper on the inside of the glass so there is no reflection, and he will buzz off.

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I doubt this is a honey bee. If it is a carpenter bee and it's going after wood around your home, then call an exterminator. From what I've experienced with carpenter bees, they don't sting. Take a deep breath, go out on your patio and ignore him....he's not stalking you! They come around every spring and summer, and I've never had one bite me.

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@LdyBugz  wrote :


I would also suggest that you get the cute outfit below.  Then stand by the window holding a sign that reads "I am not afraid of you.".  Maybe he'll leave then???   😉  Good luck, and be careful!



Great Idea !  thanks I'm buying it tomorrow !!

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Im sorry but trying to kill a bee when they are dropping in numbers does not sit well with a lot of people.


While they are annoying they are necessary.  He won't sting you if you dont bother him.  Why dont you try to bee friends, live and let live.  Cat LOL

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@happycat wrote:

@kittykatkay wrote:

Try to avoid them, but PLEASE do NOT hurt them.


See the source image

I have been so excited because we are actually seeing a lot of bees at my house. Last year, we hardly saw any. I love bees, we are not allergic though. 

@happycat too,  I love honeybees.

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It's probably nothing more than a carpenter bee based on the location it enjoys.  Don't forget it and it won't bother you.  

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I just read about someone on Facebook who has that same problem.

Here's one of the replies she had.

She said it is either #1 or #2 pic.