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He made her day!❤️❤️

Hi friends! I just wanted to share a cute story with you! The other day it was cold and rainy and windy here. I was walking into the pharmacy with an older lady and the wind blew her hair. (Mine was a mess also) As we were coming in a gentleman walked by her as she was fixing her hair and said..." I think you are beautiful just as you are"  she was so flustered! She smiled and said thank you with the biggest smile on her face. She told the pharmacy staff about the encounter and they were tickled for her! I saw her walk about and she still smiling! The power of a kind word! 😊😊😊

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Re: He made her day!❤️❤️

What a sweet man!


I had a guy do something many years ago that still makes me smile, I was walking in to the post office and he ran ahead of me and said "let me get the door for you" it was a door that is opened by stepping on the matt which he did, I just thougt it was cute.

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Re: He made her day!❤️❤️

@Franklinbell  Love your post!  I have a "make your day" story too.  I was a cashier in a grocery store for awhile and it was Valentine's Day. A very handsome young man was buying a dozen red roses. He pulled one out and said "this is for you."  Still makes me smile.

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Re: He made her day!❤️❤️

What wonderful stories ladies, so happy for all of you!Smiley Happy

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Re: He made her day!❤️❤️

Nice stories which lift the spirits.  Whenever someone speaks about my late mother, they use the word kind.  She always was and people still remember that about her.

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Re: He made her day!❤️❤️

if a man holds the door for me I think he thinks I'm old.


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Re: He made her day!❤️❤️

Lovely posts everyone. 

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Re: He made her day!❤️❤️

Nice story...a tad off topic but many years ago when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a masectomy, a very nice man at church asked where 'what was wrong' as she was on the prayer list.  


So she told him, and his reply was 'I was always a leg man myself'.....made her feel so good, and it was also funny.

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Re: He made her day!❤️❤️

What a considerate man.....many ppl (especially men) would NEVER known WHAT to say to a serious women's illness like that. I like his response. 👍
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Re: He made her day!❤️❤️

Years ago I had just finished working out and was standing by the front desk of the health club. No makeup, sweaty, hair up etc.  A man next to me turned and said "you are so pretty".


I could cry thinking about how nice that made me feel.