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We are experiencing a milky haze in NYC as a reult of the Oregon Bootleg Fire.  It changed the weather forecast.  The below picture is of shortly after sunrise this morning.  It's a small world.  Need to take care of it.


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Re: Haze in NYC

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We have the same haze in Washington DC.  

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Wow!  I did not know it could/would travel all the way across the country.


We've had smoke here (I'm west-coast adjacent) like off and on, which is odd.  Yesterday morning I was outside filling up the water bowls and it wasn't bad.  I have asthma, so that says something!  Then, somewhere btwn 5:30 and 6pm, Ru wanted to go out and as I opened the door I about choked it was so heavy.  This morning - clear again.  (?)  weird


I remember back when Mt St Helens erupted and how shocked I was that the ash travelled all the way down here to N NV.   Back then I lived in an apartment, so my car was parked outside.  Every morning, before I went to work, I had to remove the ash.  It was like when it snows and you have to remove the snow from your car before you leave.

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It's hazy in the New Haven, Ct area as well. I had no idea that it was related to that fire. Actually I thought it was just that my windows were in need of cleaning until I went outside to do a couple of things. Then I  attributed it to the humidity in the air. 

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Noon news out of Providence said it was from wild fires in Canada. Hazy and poor air quality for a few days.


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We have haze in Albuquerque from the fires in California.  One day last week I could only see the faint outline of the 10,300 ft mountain across the valley. 

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Re: Haze in NYC

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In Pennsylvania we have smoke and haze from fires in the American northern tier and Canada.  Air quality here is unhealthy today.  I'm feeling very sorry for the populations who live in the direct paths of these horrendous fires. 

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We watch The Weather Channel every morning and they were talking about the haze from the fires.  They also mentioned the dust from the Sahara desert which is blowing westward and can affect the US as well.  


The sky here in Chicago has been hazy for days.  


Time for air purifiers???!!!!



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Here too in southeastern md. We are about 20 miles from the coast and it's not as heavy at the beach. Poor planet...humans have truly done a number on it...

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Our air quality report is reading "poor" today. I usually have a good view of Pikes Peak from my back deck but today it's obscured by smoke.