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Re: Have You Ever Donated A Vehicle to Charity?

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@PlaidPants2, I donated my old suv to "Best Friends", a no kill animal sanctuary in Utah, I think it is, & I'm in the Northeast.  It was really easy.


I just called them & got a phone number to call, the auction company called me w/a date the tow truck would be here & I just had to have my registration ready.  The truck got auctioned off here in New England w/the auction company taking a very small percentage.


Once the transaction cleared, I received a letter in the mail for my taxes stating how much "Best Friends" got for it.


You can Google them to check for yourself, but they do a huge amount of good work for all types of animals & also when natural disasters strike they also help out.


Good luck; Which ever charity you choose, you have a kind heart to donate your dad's vehicle to help them out.  Smiley Happy



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Re: Have You Ever Donated A Vehicle to Charity?

I donated my old car to the Marin County Humane Society.

It was pretty easy.


I drove the car, and someone followed me in another car.  The paperwork was pretty simple as I recall, and then I could write off whatever value it was at the time from my taxes.  It was back in 2000 or so, so the details aren't as clear, and likely some things may have changed.


But giving to any animal charity is always worthwhile.

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Re: Have You Ever Donated A Vehicle to Charity?

In the late 80's, we donated an old volkswagon bug to a state youth commission facility. They had a program to teach imprisoned kids how to repair cars so they would have a trade when they were released.  They were looking for all makes and models of cars, including older ones, and the donation process was flawless.  We had to fill out some sort of paperwork, that they provided, to transfer the title and they gave us a form stating we had made the donation.  

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Re: Have You Ever Donated A Vehicle to Charity?

We donated our 2006 Volvo to Make A Wish Foundation. I got so tired of the expensive Volve repairs that I decided to donate it. The guy who picked it up said how great it looked and was I sure I wanted it donated. YES! I got a good charitable donation (the price the charity sold it for) and I believe I came out ahead. I'll never buy another Volvo just because the repairs are so high.