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Has anyone heard of StreamTV or Stream TV Pro?

It's the same idea as Roku or Amazon Fire stick.  My nephew got one, and one of his friends helped him get it all set up.  He and his girlfriend have been really happy with it, as they have finally cut cable.


I had never heard of it, so I'm just wondering if anyone else has.

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Re: Has anyone heard of StreamTV or Stream TV Pro?

@Sue98 , here is a YouTube video on Stream Pro.


If you are cautious about clicking.  Just go to YouTube and search.  LM

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Re: Has anyone heard of StreamTV or Stream TV Pro?

I have watched all the videos about this product and I don't understand how that device allows you to watch premium stations without subscribing to each and paying for each..Free Showtime, HBO and the rest? 


Something's not right about this.  I would think someone would sue the manufacturer of the device stating that it allowed pirating of signals that are not free. 


Remember the little "black box" that surfaced years ago that people were using to get free cable....that didn't work out very well either with threats of jail for anyone using it.


I understand how people could really believe in this new streaming device because it's so much more expensive than the fire stick, roku and anything else that's currently out there and the video presentations are pretty convincing...I'm talking about the 30 minute long videos. 


But regardless of the fact that this device is demonstrating its ability to pick up signals, we still have no information about how it's done or the legal ramifications.  All free premium channels?  If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.  


The next step is to call their c/s telephone number and ask these questions but I doubt that they will give anything but a glowing report.

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Re: Has anyone heard of StreamTV or Stream TV Pro?

I don't work for them and don't know anyone who  does, but we love it! Got ours back in March and it paid for itself in the first month. We can see all the MLB games and didn't have to buy the package from our cable company. Cancelled all our premium channels and still were able to see the final Game of Thrones season, and hubby has watched a ton of pay per view boxing for free.


we had to use an Ethernet connection because our wifi router is too far away to get a great signal,  But the programming is awesome! So many movies, including brand new ones. Last night we watched the Rocketman movie, and they just added the Amazon Prime app so you can watch all those shows if you have Prime. And they have a LOT of Netflix shows and we don't even subscribe to Netflix!


There is nothing monthly fee either. Like I said, we love it and are thinking about getting a second one for the TV up in the bedroom.