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Re: Has anyone experienced this (thigh issue)

I had very bad IT band issues a few years ago.  I broke right foot and about 6 months afterward the IT band on the OPPOSITE leg went bad and it was excruciating.  I went it for shots in the hip and side of leg and then did about 8 weeks of 2X a week PT and it was healed.


Then, the issue came back again a few years later.  Not quite as painful the 2nd time around. That time, no shots, just PT and it got better.



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Re: Has anyone experienced this (thigh issue)

My xrays came back with nothing new, same damage is there that was there another words, My hip has arthritis, knee has bursitis. (and I know I have nerve damage in that leg because I had electronic testing before) AND yes my spine is shot on every level except 2 that are fixed in my neck.


But I am well aware not everything shows up on xrays so IF my blood work comes back clear which I wont know until next week due to the holiday wk end, I am requesting an MRI for sure!


But for now, I am back to thinking it has to do with my back and sciatic nerve and muscles. I have undergone Epidural steroids shots for 15 years at 3 a year and they no longer work and I believe that is why I have this thigh pain. Because upon pressing around my thigh I get severe pain when I press where the sciatic nerve runs.


(And none of my back meds are helping this pain which I cant believe!).


But I will await the blood tests first and see what they show. I'm really upset. Its bad enough I couldn't do much anymore except go to movies and out to eat because i cant walk far. But now i cant even get in the car without excruciating pain! I am not made to be stuck inside like this!


Thanks for the replies and stories of what worked for you all. I wont go to a chiropractor b/c I did go when my original back problems started and they made much worse. But thank you anyway and I am glad they could help some of you!

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