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Has anyone dealt with Duraflame (or have a Duraflame heater?)

Does anyone have the duraflame heaters? Have you had any issues? We bought one last year and loved it so much we got one this year for our bedroom (both from QVC).

Well we only used the one downstairs occassionally last year, because last winter here in PA it was mild. So we got it out today, (last years) and the flame light stays on, but the heater itself conks out every 15 minutes. It starts if its off for an hour, then shuts off in 15 minutes. Tried this numerous times and well its junk.

Of course its a few weeks past the 1 yr warranty. Has anyone contacted duraflame if you had an issue? I am guessing the motor that runs the heater would cost the same as a whole new heater. Im very disappointed. And now wish we hadnt bought the one this year, because no doubt it will last a year. (which really isnt a year considering we only used it a few times as I said due to the mild winter last year).

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