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Re: Has Anyone Ever Been to the Bahamas?

The only island I have been to was Paradise Island with my daughter. We loved it. We went in February several years ago. I would suggest finding an all-inclusive hotel. That will save you a lot of money with food and drinks. We did go to other restaurants on occasion. The place we stayed has changed names so I don't know what it is called now. They also offered free shuttle buses to Nasau and mopeds just to tour around. I would definitely go back there again.

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Re: Has Anyone Ever Been to the Bahamas?

I used to go to Paradise Island at least yearly but I have not been since they built the Atlantis.  For me, I think it might be too kid friendly now.  But it depends on what you are looking for.  I always stayed at the Ocean Club because I did not want to be in a high rise hotel.  I would say with most of the Islands you need to be careful once you go off the property.

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Re: Has Anyone Ever Been to the Bahamas?

The Bahamas are not a favorite of mine.  We've stayed in Freeport and PI and have not been impressed with the beaches.


As for Atlantis, my husband had a conference and we were given a suite in one of the more remote areas away from much of the noise.  Our accomodations were lovely but unless I was going there with our elementary school aged Grands, it isn't a place I'd choose.

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Re: Has Anyone Ever Been to the Bahamas?

I won a trip with my Company to Paradise Island 12 years ago.  We stayed at the Atlantis.  I loved it.

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Re: Has Anyone Ever Been to the Bahamas?

I haven't read any of the replies, just giving my opinion.


I have been twice.  Once was 25 years ago for our honeymoon and once was the year Atlantis opened.


It is very expensive once you are there because they are an island.  Food, drinks, etc. are all expensive.  I would highly recommend doing an all inclusive food plan.  They also had water issues both times I was there, as in had no water for a day.  They said that's not out of the ordinary, again because they are an island.


We stayed at the cheapest part of Atlantis and I was happy with that.  Our room was nice but had poor lighting but everyone on our trip complained about that, even those in the higher dollar parts of the hotel. 


the last time we went we stayed at the hotel pools because going on the beach is a hassle. Too many people trying to sell you stuff, braid your hair, etc.  Same thing if you go to Nassau where the cruise ships are.   

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Re: Has Anyone Ever Been to the Bahamas?


Nice to hear you are taking care of "dad" .... you are a treasure!

You would like Phoenix--I visited in 2013, flew into Sky Harbor, drove to Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, and back to Scottsdale.   There was no cell phone coverage driving from Vegas--glad we didn't run out of gas~~!