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Harry's Law - new series starting in January on NBC

I just saw a commercial today about this new series that will start in January -- on NBC.

It's called "Harry's Law."

From Steven E. Kelley, the creator of Ally McBeal, Boston Legal, the Practice, comes an unconventional story of destiny

Starring award-winning Kathy Bates.

Remember -- tah-WANNNN-DAHHHH!!

Yup. Kathy Bates.

If you watch this trailer, you'll recognize a semi-bald man wearing a gray suit.

I remember that actor from when he was a regular character on E.R. I forget the actor's name, but he played the Head of the Department. Really a very NOT nice man.

Last we saw of him, a helicopter was falling down on him.. killing him.

Anybody else up for checking out this new series?