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Tonight is the first Seder of Passover, so Happy Passover to all our Jewish friends. Since you can't be with family, is anyone doing a Seder with their family using Zoom?

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Re: Happy Passover

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This was sent to me...


Dr. Seuss, the good doctor gave me these words to share on social distancing during Passover.


I do not want you in my house

I do not want you or your spouse

I do nowish to eat with you

At Seder one or Seder two!

Don't get me wrong, I think you're nice

But the CDC gave out this advice,

"Ten plagues are enough, you don't need one more

Turn Elijah, the prophet, if he shows up at your door."


This years only guests: father,  mother, sister, brother

Next year in Jerusalem! 
We will say to each other


From now on at each Seder, this story we will tell,

Of how G-d saved the people with a squirt of PURELL!


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It came out today that Zoom is not to be trusted, They have leaked your info before. 

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My response:


Not  in your house?
Not with your spouse?
Not with each other

And your mother?


No chicken soup or matzah ball?
We will miss the family and all.

The delicious treats made without bread

The four questions that would be read.


But safe at home we must stay

To be healthy and wait until May.

We can postpone the  yearly Seder night

And pray to G-d with all our night

That this pandemic will go away

And we can resume our lives one day.


Stay safe.


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No ZOOM, no extended family....just a mini Seder and (which of course included the questions and hiding the matzah) we enjoyed good food and prayers for this to end soon.