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Re: Happy National Donut Day

@mamaslittlepotato wrote:
I’ll have a Krispy Kreme vanilla cream filling, chocolate iced donut.😋

        Me too! It's my favorite kind. The KK store is 20 miles away but I'll go when I have a dental appointment nearby. 
  My next appointment is next Thursday, I love going to the dentist now! 
         🍩 🦷 🪥

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Re: Happy National Donut Day

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The only Krispy Kreme shops we have now are far away. The others closed years ago. They still sell them in the grocery store in boxes...but yuck...they need to be warm and fresh to be worth the calories. We have a few mom and pop donut shops close by and they are fabulous. One sells apple fritters the size of a plate...DH's weakness. Right next store to the convenient. He brings one home occasionally saying we are going to "split it" so we each can eat half of it. Never has happened, so far. 

guess I won't be celebrating the national donut day this year. 
I know I am in the minority, but the only donut I really like is plain cake donuts. Yum. Maybe a bit of powered sugar on them.

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Re: Happy National Donut Day

I prefer those things shaped like a donut, but are called, bagels. Plain or Whole Wheat please.


hckynut 🇺🇸

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Re: Happy National Donut Day

I"m in Chicago visiting my daughter. We stopped in a Stan's Donut shop today and they were handing out small donuts to customers. Now when I go home to Georgia I will only eat a Krispy Kreme donut. I prefer the Kreme filled chocolate covered donuts. Last time I went in to buy donuts they gave me and my granddaughter each a glazed donut. The lady at the counter said that any time the "Hot  Donut" sign is on you get a free donut.  

Now before the food police goes on a tirade about healthy eating habits this is an infrequent treat for me. But life is too short not to have a delicious indulgent moment once in awile. 

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Re: Happy National Donut Day

@1Snickers Enjoy our favorite KK donut next Thursday!
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Re: Happy National Donut Day

@songbird and @cindyNC , that's so funny! I'm not much of a donut eater but, if I'm going to have one, it must be KK. We do have a Dunkin Donuts here on our main street that I pass anytime I go anywhere and I've only been there one time, probably in 5 or 10 years, and that was to buy for my hair salon staff. I just don't like them. Isn't it funny how our tastes are so different. I prefer the plain glazed, right off the conveyor belt, don't need all those "dressings". I do like the lemon curd ones sometimes. As mentioned, they do sell them in the grocery stores but I can easily pass them by, not the same as fresh.