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Happy Halloween Birthday! @Witchy Woman

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@Witchy Woman...



Cat Very Happy BOO!...May Your Special Day Be "Spook-tacular" And Filled With Many Happy Cackles! Cat LOL




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Re: Happy Halloween Birthday! @Witchy Woman

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Happy birthday, dear @Witchy Woman!

I hope today will be as special as you are and that it will be filled with joy and celebration, warmth and happiness, smiles and laughter, and peace and contentment.❤️🧡💛🧡❤️




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Re: Happy Halloween Birthday! @Witchy Woman

@Witchy Woman  From your DC neighbor I'm joining the chorus of best birthday wishes this Halloween for you.  


Looks like Maryland is giving you a brisk but sunshine filled day weather wise.  I hope you will treat yourself to something that will bring a smile to your face. 


So nice of @WildFlowers to start off the birthday song to you.





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Re: Happy Halloween Birthday! @Witchy Woman

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Re: Happy Halloween Birthday! @Witchy Woman

Happy Birthday 🎃🎉

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Re: Happy Halloween Birthday! @Witchy Woman







What a delightful surprise!  Thanks to all.


One of the best things about having a Halloween birthday is everyone remembers it once you tell them.  


I always think back to my small home town in Illinois and the joy and excitement we felt knowing we would spend the evening roaming the town for candy.


Those were the days of full-size bars and homemade popcorn balls (if you were lucky).  We felt safe to go anywhere and stay out past 9!  Unheard of!


Mostly, I remember my Italian mama on this day and think how she must have felt to have another with dark, curly hair.   


Aside from that, I'm wondering where all the years have gone!

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Re: Happy Halloween Birthday! @Witchy Woman

Happy birthday, wonderful @Witchy Woman !   I love your little memoir of times past, and yes, how thrilled your mother must have been with her daughter...

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Re: Happy Halloween Birthday! @Witchy Woman

Wishing you a wonderful Halloween birthday. Enjoy your big day. I'm with you, where did the time go?

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Re: Happy Halloween Birthday! @Witchy Woman

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@Witchy Woman ...Yay, our Halloween Birthday Witch has arrived!...We all just wanted to be sure that, as we all go through this troublesome and challenging time together, you wouldn't be just "sitting home and growing old quietly" this your very special day! Cat Very Happy


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