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@Goodie2shoes Happy Happy Birthday! I'm wishing good health on your birthday and everyday, without your health you have nothing. 

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                HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU

                HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU

                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR


                HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.

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Re: Happy Birthday to Me !

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@Goodie2shoes   love your post and a belated Happy Birthday!  You are happy because you choose to be and that is a wonderful way to live this life.

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Aw Happy Birthday @Goodie2shoes!

What a beautiful post.

And I hope next year and many after give you so many things to be thankful for!

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Happy birthday to you! 

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@Goodie2shoes   Wishing you a very happy birthday!🎂🎁🎈 

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@Goodie2shoes wrote:

I am totally blessed to see another birthday because last year I was on a walker post removal of the hardware from my right knee replacement of Sept 2019 due to an infection so I couldn't do anything but sit at home and the next day I was admitted to the Hospital because the IV antibiotics given at home caused my kidneys to malfunction. Today I am healed from a second knee replacement, up and about, able to go and come with no difficulty. For that I give thanks to the allmighty!!  My children called me early this morning to tell me how much they love me, the weather here is beautiful so I am a happy girl  at 71 !!   

Happy birtnday, happy girlSmiley Happy

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Here's a belated wish for you...hope the days ahead are just as special as your bday was!