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I am totally blessed to see another birthday because last year I was on a walker post removal of the hardware from my right knee replacement of Sept 2019 due to an infection so I couldn't do anything but sit at home and the next day I was admitted to the Hospital because the IV antibiotics given at home caused my kidneys to malfunction. Today I am healed from a second knee replacement, up and about, able to go and come with no difficulty. For that I give thanks to the allmighty!!  My children called me early this morning to tell me how much they love me, the weather here is beautiful so I am a happy girl  at 71 !!   

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Wishing you a very happy day and good health for years to come. Happy Birthday.

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Happy Birthday!    Have a great day and many more.

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You have an amazing story!  I hope you have many more bright, sunny birthdays!Smiley Happy200.gif

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Happy Birthday! Now you can get your dance on!


The Best 24 Carlton Dance Gif Happy Birthday

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@Goodie2shoes  I hope you have a fabulous day!! Happy birthday 🎂🎁🎈!!

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@Goodie2shoes......Happy Birthday and many more to come!  You have a beautiful family, too.


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Happy birthday!

I love it when I hear someone is happy about their birthday.


I raised my daughter to never grumble about their birthday.


Life is good, celebrate it!


I like that you are looking forward to the upcoming year (between birthdays).


Thanks for letting us be able to wish you a happy birthday and a fantastic year til next birthday.



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@Goodie2shoes  Happy Birthday 🎉🎂🎊 Hope your day is wonderful.

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May your day continue to be fabulous and may the year before you be a healthy, joyful and rewarding one!