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On 4/4/2015 Ford1224 said:
On 4/3/2015 chickenbutt said:

I've had people tell me that I should get a handicap status and told them that I don't feel like I would want to do that. There are a LOT of people who need it much more than I and if you add in all the ones who really don't need it but have it anyway - I just couldn't do it in good conscience.

Some people feel that way, so I wouldn't push it on them.

That's exactly how we feel, CB!

Good for you both! I figure that because of some of my health challenges I can't even get enough exercise anyway and I can hobble myself from the car to the store and back (hey, you have to walk while you're in there anyway!) and somebody who has it a lot worse should have access to the handicapped spots. There are so few of them anywhere I've ever been.

If I'm having a bad enough day that I can't even do that, I stay home and plan it for another day. Smiley Happy

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I see many people parking in handicapped spaces all the time that do not have a tag and I nave never seen any of them get in trouble for it. I don't think cops enforce it.

I have a handicapped mirror tag BUT when my back is OK or a space is close I do NOT use it because I feel that there are people much worse off then me who need the spaces. Such as people with heart problems or people in wheelchairs.

My husband often says that I need the close space too and goes to pull in but IF Im doing ok (pain wise) I say just park over there instead OR drop me at the door, because I feel bad even though I suffer daily with chronic pain.

Same goes for my cane. I am supposed to use it all the time. Well I don't. IF Im in that much pain I stay IN a lot instead or have him drop me near the door. I guess it has to do with not wanting to look old. My dad was the same way. Hated his cane and walker.

But I guess some people aren't like me and don't care about others. I think of others first.

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