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I have tried Halo Top, Enlightened, and Nicks. You have to read the labels carefully on the Halo Top, I once accidentally bought the dairy free version, it was horrible.

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@mamaslittlepotato husband asks me how I can only eat 2 peanut M&M's? It takes a LOT of will power.  Man Embarassed


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I've had my fair share of Halo.  The lemon is great and the caramel one is good too.  Unfortunately, I have had a couple that I think were old, just not as good.  But, I highly recommend!!  

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I tried 5 or 6 flavors about 3 years ago, and they all tasted like chalk to me.  Maybe they've improved.

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@mamaslittlepotatowrote:I buy Halo and like it a lot, but I could never do just 2 heaping teaspoons. Sometimes I
eat the whole container and then skip lunch. 


I would eat the entire container at one setting but I have to manage my type 2 diabetes darn it !Woman Sad

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@croemer TWO peanut m&m’s? I couldn’t do it. I could do two bags maybe. 😀 Only two would be a tease to me; they’re one of my weaknesses.
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The fake sugar in it gives me the runs. 

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Halo Top came out when keto became popular. I have tried it a couple of times but it seems very expensive and DH blows through an entire pint at one sitting....but it does taste really good!
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@Goodie2shoes wrote:

Has anyone tried this lite ice cream ? I'm hooked, it is so good, the chocolate has 100 cal per 2/3 cup 300 cal per pint. There are several flavors, I just bought the chocolate cheesecake and yum !!  it's keto friendly. Being a type 2 diabetic  I still limit myself to 2 helping teaspoons for dessert. They offer a bunch of flavors, try it !




I have tried several flavors, and the ones I thought I'd like best, I didn't.  However, from a taste standpoint, I think the Salted Caramel is their best flavor.  Plus the fact that I could eat the whole pint if I wanted to, and not do much damage.   

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It may be good but one word in the ingredients stopped me from buying it "erythritol".   I can't have any of those "ol" sugars.  They upset my stomach like crazy.  Wish I could try it but nope it's an easy pass for me.  For those with a tolerance for those sugars I do envy you.