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@Spacrazy wrote:

...and, it’s my birthday!  Let it be. Thank you.

My birthday too. October 31 is Halloween. Period.

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@GingerPeach wrote:

@MaryLamb wrote:

Easter and Thanksgiving are always different dates, so it’s not a stretch. I just wonder about other implications, as it is a religious holiday that some may keep sacred. Many have mentioned how some communities designate a trick or treat night, so maybe they should just stick that plan. Halloween on October 31sf In celebrated on the same night in countries around the world. 


Thanksgiving and Easter dates are not at all like Halloween or Christmas dates.


Thanksgiving is a national holiday and was changed in 1941 to eliminate the confusion of folks celebrating on different days.

Here's a good article from the almanac:

www.almanac DOT com/content/when-thanksgiving-day


Easter's date is based on the moon.

You can read about it here:

countryliving DOT com/life/inspirational-stories/a26430267/how-is-easter-date-determined/


There are a lot of similar links.

@GingerPeach  I’m well aware of why these holidays are scheduled as they are. My point was that not all holidays are on a fixed date, so it would be plausible to change Halloween.

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Actually, Halloween is not like the other two you mentioned.  That was what I was trying to get across.  Sorry it was not clear, @MaryLamb 

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Re: 🎃👻Halloween Poll

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I say keep the 31st and go with tradition....

I guess participation depends on the part of town in mycity....

In my neighborhood the kids go to Halloween parties instead of trick or treating.  But where my cousin lives---Wow, all the decorations, it rivals Christmas, and TONS of kids still go trick or treating.....

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I vote to leave it on Oct 31 😄

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Re: 🎃👻Halloween Poll

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Keep halloween the day it is.  No way Saturday every year.  I live in California and Halloween can be horrible when on weekends!  The parents throw parties.  It gets loud, and the kids trick or treating come later at night.  Its like the 4th of July here!  When it falls on a weekday, it is calmer.  Same with 4th of July.  If it is a work day next day, they stop partying earlier.  Lol

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Re: 🎃👻Halloween Poll

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It is the candy and costume companies who are pushing for the date to be the last Saturday of October...says it’s safer. Why that would be safer I have no idea.

I have never liked children going door to door..seems like panhandling to me and too much opportunity for problems, especially when curfews aren’t enforced by police. We have had fewer and fewer trick or treaters the past few years. Last year it was less than 10 kids, and they were the grandkids of neighbors who wanted to show them off😉

We dont “celebrate”Halloween but we do celebrate autumn arriving. Kids love dressing up in costumes and getting candy. I say stop the door to door stuff and have parties at community centers, schools, churches, etc so they can put on costumes and get candy in a safe environment.  

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Halloween is on October 31st, period!! 

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Some idiots just choose to fire guns into the air instead. Like that’s safer than fireworks...