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We know of the many animal lovers that visit this forum and some of those that have been around a long time know our love of all animals and our big feline family.

In just a few short hours today we once again were faced with "the decision" that breaks every animal lovers heart. We had to choose once again what was best for our 15 year old furry one, Spotty, and that is the decision we made before leaving what we thought would be a routine visit to our vet.

I won't go into a long novel as I usually do on about every topic I reply, I just wanted to say that this has been a very heart wrenching day for my wife and myself. It will be yet another day I will never forget because it is only 2 days from February 14th, which over many decades has meant nothing but loss to me and my immediate family.

That same day does have the happy part as that is the day we chose to get married as we both thought it would add some happiness to a day that since the 1940's has been about the worst day of the year in our lives.

Thank you for listening, and we now are back to a dozen Indoor Only Felines, and 1 we still take care of outside our doors.