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HSN has free shipping and flex pay thru Sunday.

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Yes, so does QVC. Great weekend for shopping.

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It looks like QVC's free shipping on everything ends tonight, while HSN's is through 11/30.

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HSN also has a 12% rebate at Rakuten, QVC has 10%.

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HSN also offers coupons and I never could understand why QVC doesn't offer any....even though they are "sister stations".


The coupon I received was $10 off of every purchase of $50 or more from November 5 through December 15.  Coupon #:  189930.  That's the longest time period HSN has ever offered coupon deals.


So far, I have ordered 2 of Andrew Lessman vitamins and it included a TSV which the coupon accepted and normally it doesn't include TSVs.......WINNER!!!