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I watched some of Diane Gilman on HSN last evening and she is looking good.  Her hair is beautiful.  


Watching Marla Wynne this morning and her hair is very dark.  I think I like her blonde better.

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I thought her hair looked very beautiful, also. I wish she would wear just a bit more color on her lips. Glad to see she's doing so well.

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i agree @Imaoldhippie , her hair is beautiful. 

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If she'd just shut her mouth!  She talks more and says less than any person in TV shopping...much worse than Susan Graver.

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I have to LOL at this while I still can, before it gets pulled...LOL! Woman LOL

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I love Diane Gilman & her stuff.  She does look great.


Almost every time I get something from her DH says "that's Rock & Roll"  because @Imaoldhippie  DH says we are old hippies!

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Marla said she is getting her hair done today.