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@tucsongal YES!! I was so excited when I saw that. I ordered a bunch of clearance items.  I was going to buy them a couple days ago, but the shipping was way too much.  So, I didn't.  And I am so glad that I waited.  I got a DG2 top, a pair of G by Guilliana pants, a throw, a scarf, and a small soup pot, socks, and vitamins.

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Yep. Saved $73 in shipping. Can you believe that?!

"Coming to ya from Florida"
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Good luck, folks. Free shipping in today's mail delivery world is nothing to brag about. I placed order on Aug 16 and my make up has been sitting in a town for weeks and hasn't moved, still haven't gotten it.


anything 'free' goes by mail innovations. 3rd rate service I'm hoping I get it in Sept,

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Then why when I order from HSN or QVC all my packages end up coming "mail innovations" if it's only when free shipping.


The whole shipping mess is here to stay...I just got my 8/10 order from HSN -- usually took less than a week not anymore.  And it came "mail innovations" via USPS and I paid $5.50 shipping 🤷‍♀️

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all I know is I'm waiting for something if I just have to have it for it to go on sale, then, I'm paying extra for Fedex shipping.


I don't like the way they do business any more. Too many games.