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@lovesrecess wrote:
I have found the ones at BBW burn too fast and have very little scent. Was so disappointed in how quickly it burned.

I never had that problem.

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Both sets sound yummy.....I may buy both and then keep a few and give the rest as gifts, my family loves candles!!!

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Thanks to those who gave info.  

The one with blackberries is one I'd like to try, but the other scents in the set would not work for me.  Unfortunately, I have gotten sensitive to maple, caramel, and bakery scents that end up smelling like either.  I like them.  They don't like me.  


Pretty vessels!

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For someone who asked on tsv forum.

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Just an update - these candles are not 18 ounces like his precious 4 wick ones. They are 3 wick candles weighing 14 ounces, which is actually smaller than BBW's 3 wick candles. I would guess these candles will he $40 for a set a 4. Free shipping would make it a really good deal. Any more than that wouldn't be much of a value considering you could mix and match a greater variety of candles you could actually smell in person at BBW for a lower price with coupons.

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I just noticed BBW has holiday scent 3 wicks on sale for $11.95. Their sales can change from day to day so not sure how long it will llast.

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Just noticed these are 14 oz not the usual 18 oz.  No value here for me, sorry.   I am looking forward to the BBW annual sale.  Last year, $8.95 one day only!

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The scents do nothing for me, the candles are smaller and they're charging to ship. Yep, not buying them.

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Not buying, ones i bought in the past,were not good.

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