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HERO Dog!! Yoda!!

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Here is YODA!  a 4 yr old Belgian Malinois Service Dog!


he captured the Fugitive! He bit his head!


He is serving with the U.S. Border Patrol BORTAC K9 unit


Kudos to Yoda!!!  and all our Service K9s!  







Yoda, a 4-year-old Belgian Malinois dog serving with the U.S. Border Patrol BORTAC K9 unit that participated in the Pennsylvania State Police-led multi-agency apprehension of fugitive Danelo Cavalcante is seen in an undated photograph.



Belgian Malinois Dog Breed Information

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An amazing, well trained dog....a hero!


I hope they gave him a steak dinner tonight.  He deserves it.

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Who's a good boy?!Heart

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Good to be Yoda's friend.

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He should train the cops.

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Beautiful dog
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A very very good boy!😍

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They are always 'mans' best friend', that is if you are not a criminal on the lam.

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Yoda, Great job!


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