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HA! Look At These Candle Fragrances!

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Re: New Candle Scents On Zulily

@Foxxee Love the names. I typically would never order a new fragrance without smelling it first. However, these are perfect for those white elephant gift exchanges, stocking stuffers, or fun gifts for everyone. Thank you for sharing.

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Re: Very Unusual Candle Fragrances

Cute names, and some of the scents sound good as well! Thanks for posting!

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Re: HA! Look At These Candle Fragrances!

I have a T shirt from years ago about the well behaved women.

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Re: HA! Look At These Candle Fragrances!

Very original.


I'd like to sample some of the fragrances.


The absinthe/black currant sounds interesting.

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Re: HA! Look At These Candle Fragrances!

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I like Tyler candles. They're very popular in the boutiques around Nashville. I have the Entitled and High Maintenance scents. High Maintenance smells really good. They also have a Bless Your Heart candle lol.


(I managed to spell maintenance incorrectly two different ways!)

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