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Re: Gunman in Antioch, TN Movie Theatre

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You go first. LOL


I recall seeing this particular shoot out unfolding and the aftermath in real time on tv about 2 summers back.


Sorry, Mr. John, but people are caught in crossfire almost every day. Pick up any newspaper.




Lila Belle,



OK, here I go.


I remember seeing the shooting by the police in New York on tv some time back. Nine bystanders, I think it was 9, were injured from Police Fire. That is hardly a gunman. I told my wife about that one because they actually had video on a surveillance video of it.


Now that is something for the NYPD to take up with their officers. Maybe more time at the shooting range? Or maybe better judgement of when and when not to be shooting their handguns?


Don't see where this had anything to do with a citizen, like yours truly, having a license to carry, and I end up shooting innocent bystanders.


I think you are just generalizing saying "people get shot all the time". Sure they do, and they are innocent ones at that. But they are shot "by criminals" not people with a permit CCW shooting blindly into a crowd, as some like to say "Like the Old West". That is fiction, not fact.


Again, show me a specific case where a citizen with a permit to carry has shot bystanders while trying to bring down a suspected criminal. I couldn't find a single one in our County going as far back as they kept records of these things.




Please don't patronize me or insult my intelligence. A legal permit or concealed permit, it makes no difference, people are caught in crossfire all the time.



He did neither. Try reading comprehension.

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Re: Gunman in Antioch, TN Movie Theatre