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Gulf coast states

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I read the paper towel thread regarding some supplies in stores starting to dwindle and then caught the tropical weather forecast on the Weather Channel. 


It looks like the next few days are going to get really active, particularly in the Gulf. I'm sure most people that live there have already prepped their hurricane kits, but if not-- it might not be a bad time to start. Especially if stores are starting to have limited products. 


(so far here in my part of the southeast--not on the Gulf--- we can still get most things, other than Clorox bleach, wipes, and any Lysol products)

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Thank you for the reminder. I have an order to pick up tomorrow and although my husband told me all about the storms I didn't even think to add essentials to the list. Been through this so much I'v become complacent. 

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We live on the Gulf Coast. I didn't hear about this until today. Its funny because I was in Publix today and when checking out, this man had his basket filled with gallons of water. Nothing else. Just water.


I thought, how odd, he must be preparing for a storm. After getting home,, my son said there are three hurricane's possibly hitting us.


The way the rest of this year has gone, I wouldn't be surprised. So, I don't have any water and will have to go back tomorrow and they probably won't have one gallon left.

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The most normal thing about this year is these storms. When the last one came through and missed us but unfortunately so many others, I said to a friend of mine in the midwest, supplying for a hurricane is similar to supplying for COVID although batteries are more important in a hurricane.  I am good to go.  


Everyone stay safe.

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My battery order from Amazon showed up yesterday! 

I'm hoping the East/Atlantic coast stays storm free---I use a lot of batteries during the Christmas season, and anything left over from hurricane season just puts me ahead. 

Whatever gets you through the night; it's alright, it's alright. It's your money or your life; it's alright, it's alright---John Lennon
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My husband's boat is down there and he really needs to go and prep it or move it.  However, he's torn because the grandmother of a good friend died overnight.  I'm wondering if there will even be a funeral.. Not sure what's happening with them right now.  I know a friend of mine lost her mother a few months ago and they did not have one.  He really doesn't have time to waffle though.  The storm is supposed to hit Tuesday and we are having local elections that day and he has a Dr. appt. too.  It takes most of a day to drive it.  I offered to be his proxy for the funeral if they have one.  His friend should understand since he often enjoys crewing on his boat for races. 

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I first heard mention of two and now three storms heading our way - I work all day and never heard anything unless I make a point to watch the weather in the evening. I need to find a current report to catch up.


I don’t have anything I need to buy. I did a grocery pickup after work and got 2 gallons of water. I have 6-8 gallons most of the time and I’ve got food. Heaven help me if the electricity goes out - I don’t want to lose what is in the fridge and freezer!


Hopefully, we will all be spared. This year is already overflowing with out of control crises. We don’t need more of them.