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I did a fridge/freezer/pantry restock after 6 weeks of being in. Prices are skyrocketing.


I don't shop Meijer, the big box store here but they announced a few weeks ago the are no longer printing circulars or offering sale prices.


Can't wait for the farmers markets to open.

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I used Instacart for the first time last week.  I compared the Instacart receipt to the store receipt, and just about every item was 60 cents higher.  I contacted Instacart, and here was their response:


Retailers set the prices of items available for delivery on the Instacart platform. While many retailers offer the same in-store prices on Instacart, others set higher prices on the Instacart platform than in-store prices.

Here’s how you can check the pricing policy for each retailer—

Instacart app

  • Go to the main page of the app and select a retailer

  • Beneath the retailer’s logo at the top, you’ll see the pricing policy: “Everyday Store Prices,” “Higher than in-store prices,” or “View pricing policy”

  • Tap on the logo, then scroll down to Pricing for more information

Instacart website

  • Go to the main page of the app and select a retailer

  • Beneath the retailer’s logo at the top, you’ll see the pricing policy: “Everyday Store Prices,” “Higher than in-store prices,” or “View pricing policy”

  • Tap on the pricing policy, then scroll down to Pricing for more information

Some retailers have higher markups than others.

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I'm also spending more. I haven't been to any grocery stores. Around here, I don't want to do that yet. We had the highest deaths since the quarantine two days ago. Luckily a small market near us is doing curbside pickup. I just talked to them today, and they have redone their site. (They were closed for a week). They have a lot more items now, which is good, but they order the best brands and you pay for them. 


The nearest Walmart is about an hour from us, and you have to wait forever to get a time slot. The first time I did it I got 25% of what I ordered; the second time 75%, so it's getting better.


Also, two local restaurants are doing curbside pickup and in addition to their regular meals they have started selling limited groceries. I haven't used their grocery service yet, but I hope to. We are already doing meal curbside pickup with them. They are both local, one a local chain, and one independent. I want them both to stay in business and get through this.



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I have on occasion checked into shopping services but as yet not comfortable commutting.  I just saw Whole Foods thru Amazon and saw $15 for a pound of bananas.  Was i hallucinating?  I will go to store.

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I've been spending a lot more than usual...I find myself stocking up more than I ever did before.  I get curbside pick up at a local farm market, we've gotten a Whole Foods delivery from Amazon a few times and I'll go into my local supermarket every other week.


I've been doing an Instacart delivery from Publix for my mother who is in south Florida.  Today was the third time that I ordered for her (I get notifications on my phone since she doesn't have a smart phone). 


From the time the order is placed it usually takes 2 hours for it to be delivered!  I find that amazing since I've heard that it can sometimes take days or weeks to get an order filled!

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My food bill has not increased that much because I already had a freezer and pantry full of food when this started.


Only thing I basically buy is milk, bread, eggs and maybe some lunch stuff.


I have been buying things I need for a recipe but other than this not much other.


I did go today and saw the sign in the meat section "NO CHICKEN UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE" - we are pretty much "chicken-out" we've eaten it alot lately.


And of course, I've saved alot in other buying areas since I haven't bought anything other than food these past 6 weeks.



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I got my delivery of Costco food today - $253.00 - and it's all for me. Prices at Costco are more than fair - and great quality. I wouldn't have the energy to go to the store and shop. Love the convenience.

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I don't know of ANY store which is rushing its shoppers, but you're certainly not talking about Wegmans, where they'd like you to stay there all day, if possible lol.

And if "most people" overspend (and, especially, are now charging items which are gone when the bill arrives), then, yes, those will be the ones in the predicament to which the OP referred.

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More? I'm spending less. 

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Definitely more overall