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i've never had groceries husband is scheduled for shoulder surgery and i don't drive...think i'll use amazon much do you tip the driver.....thanks...

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You don't tip the driver.  They show up and throw it on the porch.  


Lots of places deliver now.  You can get deliveries from Target, Costco, Walmart and other places.  Sometimes not fresh produce, but just look around. 

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I have had Kroger delivery by Instacart for 8 months. It works very well for me. The delivery fee and tip are included in the total. 

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Amazon Fresh puts in $7.00 tip (at least mine puts that amount) but you can change it, even change it to zero if you wanted.  Depending on how large my order is I've given between $12 and $20.


I have  a question for anyone who uses Shoprite - is there a spot to add a tip?  I couldn't find one on my last order and felt bad not tipping.  Or does the $15 fee include it?  Thanks.

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@Nananana59  I have only had one grocery delivery and that was from BJ's.  It was very easy, the gratuity was included in the free delivery, and the driver brought my groceries to my front door within a few hours.  It was very easy and convenient.  I wanted to try it, but I wanted until the delivery was free, which is not always the case.


I have done the Walmart pickup, which is easy, but much depends on how many employees are working in that department.  If you do that, make sure that you check that you do not want substitutions.  I have not gotten home delivery from my regular grocery, but with cold weather coming, I might be doing that, and they offer $20 off the first home delivery order  Check around for that. I do get pet food delivered from Chewy's and that is free, but that is delivered by FedEx.  

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When you order there is a place you can put a tip you can adjust it to what you want.

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I use Walmart and PeaPod.  You choose to tip or not.  PeaPod allows you to include a tip in the order.  Walmart asks after the order is placed, so it's a separate charge.


How much I tip depends on how much I spend.  Usually, it's 10-15%, but my order is often close to $300 and I think $30 tip is plenty.  Some tip 20%, but I'm not paying a Walmart person $60 tip to bag groceries and deliver them 1 mile to my front step.  That's not a difficult job.


Also, online grocery items are priced higher than in my stores. 


I don't use Shipt, but was reading they are hiring people to bag and deliver...guarantee $22 an hour, excluding a tip.  They use their own cars, though.


PeaPod has their own marked trucks.  Not sure about Walmart.  Never saw their vehicles, but they do email the make and license plate number of the driver's vehicle. They have been Toyota minivans.  


So, large tippers, keep in mind these people are being paid an hourly wage.  

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Re: Grocery Delivery

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When you place an Amazon Fresh order, you will see a tip included. It's generally very low, but you can change it.  I ignore their amount and change it to 15 percent of my order,

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       I have used Wal Mart since February of this year.  I think it is a great service and I really appreciate it!! I do recommend
this delivery service.

       Deliveries are on time and I rarely get any substitutions.  There have been a couple of times when something I ordered ran out by my bagging time.  I get my cold items freezing cold and my fresh items are fresh!!


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@Nananana59 wrote:

i've never had groceries husband is scheduled for shoulder surgery and i don't drive...think i'll use amazon much do you tip the driver.....thanks...

 If you mean Amazon Fresh, best to check to make sure it delivers in your area if you haven't already. It doesn't deliver to my ZIP code, but I am fine with going into the stores. And I drive.