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I have the greatest gift of all, my life after breast cancer. Last Christmas sick , tired no hair this Christmas I am
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You are Blessed....I am very happy for you....

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i can't imagine a greater gift. love your signature line too.

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I've been there, almost 4 years out. The greatest lesson from almost a year in treatment was that none of us is guaranteed our golden years, SO, live every day as if it were your last. I've always been a saver of money, with plans to travel and do things I enjoy. My journey began at 55 and as soon as treatment was over I went on cruises, train trips to NY to see plays, etc.

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You have been blessed and I pray that you continue to be blessed with a long, healthy, happy life.

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What a lovely post, crazered. I'm so glad you're well, and I send prayers and positive thoughts to you for continued good health and strength. And to you, too, Financialgrl.

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Wonderful. I'm happy you and Financialgirl are well and enjoying the holidays.

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Wonderful, Crazerd. I love to hear these stories. Continued blessingsSmiley Happy. Demitra
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Yes indeed that is a wonderful gift. I am so glad you are OK and I hope that you continue to be! (I am 5 years 2 months breast cancer free).

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Continued health and happiness to all on this post. Gratitude!

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