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I believe WaWa is opening up 5 or 6 stores in Indiana.  I forget now where they'll be located but I'm sure it won't be anywhere close to me.  I've always heard great things about WaWa.

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Never heard of this place being from the midwest.  Reminded me of the old SNL skit that Gilda Radner used to do---Baba Wawa, LOL!!!!!

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I'm in NJ and have a Wawa two minutes away and I've never been there.  Sounds like I should go. I've never gone because I also have 7-11 and QuickChek two minutes away with easier in/out street access. 

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@PickyPicky3 wrote:

If you are a rewards member (all true Wawa fans are), today a classic hoagie or steak sandwich is $6.00 and coffee is free.


I had a buffalo chicken cheesesteak with jalapenos and ranch dressing and a Holiday Blend coffee.


The store was jammed.





Just confirming .... Wawa is a restaurant or just a take out place?  Never heard of it.

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We just got our first Wegmans.


Now I want a Wawa!

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@Tinkrbl44   A large convenience store with fresh made sandwiches, gas pumps and multiple coffee flavors. No tables. 


Wawa is in the process of closing its older stores with no gas pumps.


People go into their local Wawa so often it's like an extension of your home. And the employees are very friendly.

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My daughter has one in Sarasota

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Call me stupid but when I saw the title of this post I thought it was about Walmart. 🤭

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Thanks @PickyPicky3! We will take advantage of this later for sure - it's a busy night for both of us!



I worked with WAWA on school fundraisers for a few years and they were amazing! They went out of their way to help us. We were selling coupon books for free shorti hoagies. When DS was part of a traveling vocal group I recommended them. We used them then too.



A bit of history I learned: WAWA is named after the town not far from Philadelphia where the first store was located. The town Wawa is named after the Lenape tribe's word for "Canada goose," which is the symbol of the store.



They do a lot for their communities.  Smiley Happy

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We have WaWa here in MD.