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Thank you to all teachers for your dedication and hard work!  There are times I think we all take for granted all the dedication teachers bring to their role.  They manage to teach classrooms with varied levels of children, yet manage to ensure they are all learning.  Such a hard job, and many are underpaid.  The biggest role is encouraging children to develop a love of learning, which they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.


My best friend is a retired teacher and shared with me one funny scenario.  She was teaching younger children at the time and was relating a topic of importance, hoping to expand their world.  At one point, a little guy raised his hand, and she called on him.  He had exciting news, “My cat just had kittens!”  She realized she was likely better suited to older children and spent the rest of her career teaching junior high.  Such a highly educated and dedicated teacher, with such a love of children.  We all need to appreciate the teachers we have had, as well as those teachers we entrust our children to.  



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I am retired.

But I have to say, that summer always brought me back to re-establishing a sense of humor!

It was terrible to forget that during the school year when everybody got tired and felt “pushed.” (Teachers and students)

Comments such as “My cat had kittens!” is just one example of how nice it is when children share what is important in their world!

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Former faculty in higher education and my daughter teaches special education. So, a big thank you for your kind words!

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Thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation for teachers.  My DS teaches in Head Start schools and sees a lot of children acting out due to sad situations at home.  


One day he said he was in the middle of reading a book to the class and noticed a student who is generally very quiet and subdued crying in the corner.  After putting the children down for a nap, he called her over and asked her what was wrong.  She said, "My dad moved to another house and isn't coming back."


Heartbreaking the burdens little ones have to bear.  (((sigh)))  Smiley Sad

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Retired lifelong teacher here thanks you for your thoughts. 

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Great memory of 1st day of 7th grade-'new' boy who already has a 'reputation preceeding him' sitting in front next to me.


He states 'I dont want to be here'.

My response (looking back at him) "I dont want to be here either, so it looks like both of us will have to suck it up until next June".

Him: stunned silence


He was a great kiddo and I loved him. We had a terrific rapport and I had a good working relationship with his parents. Yes, he could be a handful. He's a high school junior this year.

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Re: Gratitude for Teachers

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                 @PamfromCT,  I wanted to thank you for your thoughtful thread.   I'm deeply grateful for all the wonderful teachers who were so instrumental in molding and shaping my life.   They face daunting challenges, even more so in our modern world, and I appreciate them immensely.   Thank you to all of our posters who serve, or who have served, in this capacity as educators!❤️

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I am a retired teacher for 3years, and I thank you for your kind words.  I just started a part-time position as a reading teacher assistant in my local school.  I just couldn't stay away from those little darlings.  Teaching is so rewarding!!

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