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I don't like that you have to schlep through "games" to get to what I consider Viewpoint threads. Right now I feel it was set up to get rid of viewpoint posters. That's fine I can shop elsewhere.
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I think the new standards pretty much limit us to PC.



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What a mess the forums still are.  Whoever was in charge of this must have had an ulterior motive - to kill the forums.  I sure won't be returning.

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I AGREE, IT'S JUST A MESS. I AM TOTALLY LOST &  lost interest in this mess!

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Maybe a good yardstick for unkind comments; if your employer had a public forum, and everyone could post comments about you, would you be hurt or, at least upset about the comment, if it was aimed at you?

If your Daughter was a Host, how would you feel, if someone posted about her, what you're posting about some Host?

Yes, these people work in the public eye, yes, they're going to get commented on.

We're adults, we all know the difference between constructive criticism, and being personally unkind.
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Apparently they used their dollars on this piece of junk rather than let's say "quality control".  Or affordable shipping or affordable prices. 

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I think the new standards pretty much limit us to PC.



"Animals are not my whole world, but they have made my world whole" ~ Roger Caras
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Re: Gotta Hand It To You Q

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It's the 20-something computer programmers who have no idea, have no insight, have no understanding of who is actually on these boards.


These programmers don't believe anyone over 25 years old exist in the universe, therefore, they program these boards how THEY want them to function vs. trying to understand it from the users' perspective.


I very much dislike the "look" of the new boards --


1. it is visually unappealing;

2. the box borders are too light which makes it hard to distinguish each post;

3. I hate that I can't look to see my activity and go back to whatever thread I want

4. and 3 times today I tried to change how many threads I wanted to see when I logged in (50) and then I hit "save".  3 times it didn't work.


The basic tenant of changing a website is run beta testing to get out all the kinks and to make sure it will be user-friendly.


This new Forum is bad news.


Edited to add:


Well, another reason to hate this new set up:


I was actually replying to a post on this thread, however, my reply does not quote the post I was replying to.


Seems like the inmates are running the asylum -- I nominate the programmers of these Forums for the "2015 Darwin Award"



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ITA and I said the same thing in another post.  It's like they are trying to imitate FB.

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@Marp2 wrote:

When you mess up you do it BIG time.  What were you thinking by eliminating sub-forums, not porting over current threads and putting the general reply button at the top of the page for those that want to reply to the OP/topic and not a specific poster?


While some of the changes are appreciated the layout and functioning is atrocious.

Marp, are you making your board available for people here who are having trouble with the new set up?   


I'm sure many would appreciate it, and it would be a nice thing to do on your part.

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