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This change was intentional to rid the boards of those who are not computer jargon savvy.  Guess I am one.  Goodbye QVC.  No longer customer friendly for this longtime customer.

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I sure hope all at the Q who were involved in this change are looking for new jobs!  The changes are nothing short of an epic failure!

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Suhse wrote:
Maybe a good yardstick for unkind comments; if your employer had a public forum, and everyone could post comments about you, would you be hurt or, at least upset about the comment, if it was aimed at you?

If your Daughter was a Host, how would you feel, if someone posted about her, what you're posting about some Host?

Yes, these people work in the public eye, yes, they're going to get commented on.

We're adults, we all know the difference between constructive criticism, and being personally unkind.

I have no clue what this comment has to do with the changes in design, format and function on the new boards.  My problem isn't what people say and don't say, but how difficult and frustrating it is to read and use the "new, improved" (NOT) boards.  QVC has taken something many people used and enjoyed on a regular basis and made it harder for most of us to use.  Bad move.

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Put it back the way it was and fire the man who thought of this.....
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This post has been removed by QVC because it is advertising for another forum.

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@KathyPet yeah I think that pretty much sums it up.  What I've seen with most roll outs these days for "new" IT stuff is, we'll fix it when enough ppl complain.


I don't want to have to change the font every time and not having sub-forums under the main topic but all located in the My Favorites topic makes little sense and just makes navigatiing more difficult and not worth my time.

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guess they wrote a bunch of new algorithms too to look for all the posts which are offensive to QVC

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Curious?  How come some posters can 'complain' without the scold and others........not soo much?  Lol.

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@I am still oxox wrote:

I agree about the heats, this is not a popularity concest and we are not pre teens

@babs wrote:

Could not agree with you more, Marp! This whole setup reminds me of *old,old* forums & some of the options are ridiculously juvenile. 'Hearting' & tagging & popularity contests? REALLY, Q?


Welcome to the New Boards !

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Re: Gotta Hand It To You Q

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I'm kind of used to it now, but I find the new forums to have a very cold, unwelcoming look and feel to them...Interesting how the look of a forum can have such an affect on our senses.