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Re: Got Angry With Wrong Company

I did that with a cable company.  I got upset with the wrong company, it was a frustrating  time.


The other day, my husband was upset about somethiing and was going to have to make a phone call.  I reminded him that the person he'd be speaking with probably didn't have a hand in it, and to not get upset with that person.  It went well for him, so I'm glad I said something.

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Re: Got Angry With Wrong Company

Hi @BirkiLady  I'm not going to do anything else. If the company I called in error calls me back today, I'll apologize. My DH and I are not keen on putting chemicals in our lawn, but we do get one dandelion treatment a year so it's down and I won't be dealing with the right Green company for another year. My main gripe was that we didn't get the warning markers saying to stay off the grass, but DH read the neighbor's marker so we knew not to do any yard work on Saturday. Since the wrong Green company said they snap a picture to prove warning markers were put out, I'll just assume my company forgot. I made waves with the wrong company and feel like a fool so I'll just drop the issue.

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Re: Got Angry With Wrong Company

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I would at least give them the courtesy of calling back and apologizing. 


Not all treatments require you to stay off the lawn, perhaps there was no need for a warning flag to be placed on your property.

You never look good trying to make someone else look bad.
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Re: Got Angry With Wrong Company

I had a neighbor whose lawn company sprayed something so toxic our entire cul-de-sac was like a hazmat area; I got very sick along with a few other neighbors. Back then there were no warning signs. Your neighbors need to ask themselves why they pay someone to use something so toxic they require warning signs. Go organic and it is sae for people and pets.