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Re: Goodwill and Thrift Stores in General

@Pearley wrote:
@mominohioI cannot imagine any of our thrift stores being even half as clean as Costco which has been doing a superb job of keeping carts, surfaces, and other things sanitized. The egift stores near me look as if surfaces haven't been cleaned in years.


There is no way these stores are or ever will be as clean as Costco, IMO.

The employees and place was a shambles (at least the one near us) long before the concerns of COVID.  And Salvation Army is maybe 1 step better😉.



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Re: Goodwill and Thrift Stores in General

I think Goodwill is booming because, at least in my area, it's the only used clothing store taking donations.  People have cleaned out closets and have no where to get rid of their cast-offs.


I've never donated Goodwill.  Years ago I heard they pay their executives exoribent salaries and take advantage of workers by paying them very little.  They had sheltered workshops where they got away with paying handicapped people practically nothing.

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Re: Goodwill and Thrift Stores in General

Our small town has three Thrift Shops. One is Salvation Army,Humane Society, and Disabled Persons. The Salvation Army for the past month  of June when reopened was refusing clothing and linens as had too much and no more room. They all seem busy. The closest Goodwill is an hour away.


The Humane Society ran a garage sale last weekend as their Thrift Store was closed for three months. They made over $4,000 in the two days. They held it outside of the shelter. Donations were collected at the shelter since March. They always take donations and do not refuse anything except electronics and exercise equipment. It provides a nice sum of money to keep the shelter running. We get dogs from other States and even Korea, so rescued,  instead of uthanized. 



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Re: Goodwill and Thrift Stores in General

Thrift stores near me reopened recently as they were closed for several months. I visited one recently and they requested customers wear masks and had hand sanitizer at the entrance for you to use before you touched any merchandise. They were busy but not overcrowded. Haven't seen lines outside the ones here. 

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Re: Goodwill and Thrift Stores in General



DH and I just donated a bunch of items to a local (church-run) thrift.  I am one of those who gives away clothes with tags on them, usually gifts from family members that are not to my taste.


I have more of everything than I need and no longer shop in the thrifts, but when we were first married it was a great place to pick up cast-off antique furniture or pretty glassware or china.


I know a lot of younger people love searching for designer clothes pieces at bargain prices.  They are also good for families with children who are changing sizes constantly.





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Re: Goodwill and Thrift Stores in General

@lovesrecess wrote:

A thrift store of any kind is the last place I want to go right now. I used to go once or twice a month, but there is no way I would put my hands on stuff that other people are also touching with no way to clean my hands after every touch. Can't think of a more risky place to go. Maybe I am missing something. I know most of these places weren't that pristine even before the virus. Doubt it is any better now because none of the clothing is washed once it is donated. Ewww

Wow, I thought Goodwill cleaned stuff before going on the floor. I thought they did some sort of dry cleaning with it. There was a nice thrift store once upon a time where the proceeds went to Lupus. They cleaned things before selling them. That store has since gone downhill though and is pretty dirty now. 

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Re: Goodwill and Thrift Stores in General

I always used to shop at GW and other second hand places.  I don't have an issue with places of this type and know that you can find many great bargains.  I may have a mistaken opinon right now and if I am wrong, then I stand corrected, but with the virus, I just can't make myself go to these places.  I barely go out of the house at all and haven't for months.  I only go out when absoluely necessary and that is for medicine, a medical reason which won't wait and food that I can't get delivered occasionally.  I just can't think that getting used clothing and other items from another home right now would be safe.  

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Re: Goodwill and Thrift Stores in General

I think thrifting in general has become more popular, especially among the younger generation.   Yes, those with low incomes still shop, but others as well, just because everyone wants a bargain, and it is good to "re-use" something that otherwise might have been tossed. 


As for me, I know that 5 years ago, I would not have gone thrifting, but I do so occasionally now.  I've never noticed any problem with cleanliness.  (Except for shoes!  I just cannot wear someone else's shoes! Man Happy)

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Re: Goodwill and Thrift Stores in General

(Excluding the covid).


If anyone thinks because a store looks clean that the merchandise is clean you are sadly mistaken.  Germs are everywhere and on everything.  Hundreds of people have handled the item from the day of manufactoring.  I dont care what store clothing or material items I buy from they all get laundered before use.


Most other things get clean per item instructions.


A "cleaning looking" store can and will give you a sense of false security.

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Re: Goodwill and Thrift Stores in General

Our Goodwill is booming. There is always a line of cars dropping off stuff, especially during lock down when people were probably cleaning.  The store wasn't even open and people were leaving boxes by the drop off door.


Our store cleans the carts and there is hand antibacterial by the door.  They are not taking returns, which is odd, because everything in the store is used. Haha.


I've gotten some great deals there over the years. The thrill of the hunt is fun for me.