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I'm doing that this fall.  Anyone else taken college classes after being out of college for over 10 years?

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I went to nursing school in my fifties. I was the only one in class with a smallpox vaccine!

Anyway, I loved it.

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Not quite 10 years, but almost. I had to take a refresher math class for adult learners who could not remember their algebra.  Smiley LOL

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@Mellie32, good for you. I graduated with my Masters degree twenty years after my undergrad degree.  Go for it!  LM

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I work in the admissions office of a community college, and we have students from 13 to 80 attending here.  Come on'll love the interaction with younger people.......really!

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I went back  after 14 years of being a Mom and housewife.  When my son started middle school I wanted to be able to go back to work when he started high school and I made all my goals.  Tomorrow he turns 33 and is now a parent.  Time goes by so quickly so do not let it slip by without chasing your dreams.  It is scary but I loved every minute of it.  Dropped five pounds each semester hauling that back pack around campus.  Loved putting it back on during the summer and winter breaks.

Have fun and good luck, you will not regret it.Heart

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Yes! I have done it twice!


Finished a second Master's last year and completed the first one 9 years before.


Once you get into the groove and sort things out, it will be a piece of cake!


Most of my classmates were people who had been working for years and were returning for the advanced degree.


It was fun! Good luck and enjoy!

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I did!!! I'm currently in my 2nd year of nursing school. When I first started, I was extremely nervous, but now, it's no big deal!! Go for it!!! You have nothing to lose.
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Good for you!!!  I remember being in a Speech class with a lady in her 80's!  She was incredible, fit right in and enjoyed the students and we enjoyed her.  I forget why she was taking speech classes but she intended to utilize them for something she was doing that entailed getting up in front of people.  She did great.  LOL... she ended up leaving a little more "Hippy" than she came, but hey Birkis and Flower embroidery were in then..... Woman LOL


I'm considering Gemology.   I've always seriously loved rocks and becoming a certified gemologist was something I always thought was up my alley.  With classes already in Geology I think I'm partially there.... Woman LOL


I don't think anyone's too old for school, especially if you love learning..... 

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Another cheerleader for education at any age here. I dropped out of high school at 16 and went to work. Married late, had four children. DH asked  me if I wanted to get my GED, and I did. After that I got a 2 year degree in accounting, followed by my BS at the age of 55. My last two years I lived on campus as a full time student. Was hard work, but also a lot of fun. Good luck on your journey.