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Re: Giving kids trophies for just showing up

I remember when you had to win a trophy.  Now everyone and his brother and sister has a collection of (meaningless) trophies.


A certificate of participation is more than adequate.

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Re: Giving kids trophies for just showing up

IMO, kids shouldn't be given something for nothing.  They should earn trophies.

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Re: Giving kids trophies for just showing up

Well, I don't see getting a certificate or ribbon for participating as the same thing as everyone getting the same trophy just for showing up.


I think one reason why so many people don't excell is because, well, why should they.  They'll get an award (in some places), just for showing up.


Again, it's not the same thing to get an a ribbon for trying, etc. and getting a trophy (everyone getting a trophy) for showing up.


Hooty, good for you.  I studdered really bad when I was young.  I lost every spelling contest because no one could understand me.  I went to speach class and was able to get rid of the studder.

Long story short, I won every single spelling contest I entered.

Unfortunately, my spelling these days ......well, not so good (memory).

My point is sometimes it's important to underst and not everyone excells at everything.  It is good to learn that you can loose graciously,  No one seems to be responsible for anything anymore.  How many times do we hear it in the news.


Think about this (you youngsters).  When you see an old(er) person, don't you just know (or feel) like they will usually show you kindness, respect, etc.?

Those are things we all old people learned in life.  Just like the subject above, some things need to be taught.



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Re: Giving kids trophies for just showing up

@hckynutjohn wrote:

@Carmie wrote:

When I was a child in the 60's, if the team did well, everyone on the team got a trophy.


what's the difference?  Everyone on the winning team at the Super Bowl gets a ring and  a ton of cash and not everyone gets to play to even play well.



You say "If the team did well", that is exactly what myself and others here have said. That is much different than getting a trophy "for showing up". If a team does well(that is a very vague term when used for any competitive event), I guess giving out trophies for runnerups and 3rd place might be in order, but no further down the line.


Not sure what you mean by the above underlined and bolded comment. There are very few members of a Super Bowl Winning Team that did not play in any of the games that got them to the Super Bowl.


Maybe they were injured and could no play the BIG GAME,  but they were a part of the team that got them to that BIG ONE. You don't think that should be considered as "earning their award"?


I competed in lots of racing activities in the 1960's, both on foot/skates and auto racing. There was not a singel one of those 3 that gave out awards because I showed up, and "yes", some of them were classified as a team sport.






I agree with John.


I'm a very competitive person by nature and have been involved in competitions of an athletic and music nature nearly my entire life (finally stopped 6 years ago-am 68yo).  The thought of receiving a trophy for simply doing well is a non-sequitor.  Trophies are meant to be received by those whose performance is outstanding in terms of 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.


For those of you who have not competed by devoting hours and hours and hours per week, not to mention per annum, plus the dedication to your sport or art form, you just have no idea what it takes to WIN.  It is one of life's ultimate personal highs.

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Re: Giving kids trophies for just showing up

This whole levelling the playing field thing doesn't work for me. It's nothing more than playing games with malleable minds. Getting something for having done not very much, if anything, is misleading and really, finding reasons to reward any little thing just isn't how the real world works. In real life, you win some and you lose some... and there's no reason for anyone to grow up expecting to be rewarded just for being 'you'. Being kind doesn't mean everyone gets recognized no matter what.

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