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I was unsure about this book after reading some of the reviews but I liked it. I kept going back to read ""just a little more"". I have not read Gone Girl so I have no comparison.

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I have put Girl on a Train in my list on my Kindle. Now I'm not sure I will read it after reading some of your reviews.

I also read Gone Girl and thought it was dumb and would not recommend it. I don't honestly understand why it was so popular.

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I didn't love this book. I didn't hate it, but I certainly didn't love it. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being GREAT, I would give this about a 6. Just my opinion of course. And reading is SUCH a personal endeavor.

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I read Girl on the Train and I am not recommending it. It seemed like all of the main characters were sociopaths. No one was happy or even ""normal.""

I have similar feelings about Gone Girl. I very much disliked the fact that the main characters were so totally immoral.

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I quite enjoyed this book. Read it in one sitting, lol.
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Read it this weekend ~ it was OKAY.

Guess I was disappointed due to all the hype. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it, characters were very shallow, in my opinion.

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Halfway through and the plot thickens, I enjoyed,I also found the first half of Gone Girl slow,but did love the second half. Read both they both really good!
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I got this book shortly after Christmas, but only read it a couple of weeks ago. I liked it, but felt it was really slow for almost the first half. I liked that it kept me wondering "what if....", even after I thought I knew certain things. I've also read "Gone Girl," and thought the writing was better, but I still enjoyed "The Girl on the Train." I don't know why the comparisons are out there for the two books, other than the switching between the narratives, and both being suspenseful. Anyway, I liked both, but prefer "Gone Girl."

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It took me about two mornings before work to finish it and about half way through I figured out the ending. I did enjoy the book and had no problem staying with it.

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Add me to the list of readers who were underwhelmed by this book. Like Becky, I too figured out the baddie by about the halfway point but because all the hype promised "twists and surprises" I thought maybe I was wrong. (Ok, one surprise, but not worth slogging through 320+ pages for). Very unlikable characters and weak writing. The author wrote each woman's narrative with the same sentence structure and mood so they all sounded alike. Her writing was also very repetitive. (Maybe she was hoping for an endorsement deal from the canned Gin and Tonic people Wink)

We read it for book club and nobody could name one character that they felt anything for (except Libby).