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Genealogy ?'s & PA Research

how do i handle info on adoptive children (early 1900s) as far as entering info in Find A Grave & Family Tree Maker? Enter like bio children, then leave info in the bio/ note section about them being adopted? Also am doing a ton of research in PA (armchair computer etc), did the Quakers participate in the Census? I think my paternal GF was brought up Quaker - I am having a tough time locking him down, but have a ton of serious clues. The good thing is most of the family I'm looking at are from Chester Co & Harrisburg - a good excuse to visit PA & QVC! Thanks.
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Re: Genealogy ?'s & PA Research

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Putting the adoption information in a bio section could be very helpful especially should anyone ever be looking for their ancestor and they somehow had the clue of your family last name.  All information known ought to be documented, imo.  Pennsylvania has excellent Quaker church records.  I've seen them at the Ancestry site.  I'd never read anything about them declining to be counted in the census.  I've never entered data at Find A Grave but it is probably similar where extra notes may be added?

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Re: Genealogy ?'s & PA Research

Yes, you can post messages and add extra clarifying data to listings on Find-a-Grave.