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I like Geico, but I hate their commercials. They were the last company I checked when I needed new car insurance. I thought I'd go with AAA since I've been a member for a long time, but their rates were scary high. Geico ending up being the best coverage at the lowest rates for me.

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@itsmagic wrote:

Seems like whenever we change car/house insurance we initially get a lower rate and then after a few years it keeps creeping up and we have to start looking again. 

Exactly - and 3 years ago when dad was very sick I'd put my homeowners and car insurances on auto pay.  Being more focused on dad I hadn't noticed how high both premiums had crept over that time and when he died I realized it and switched both to GEICO and saved over $600 by doing so.  

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Re: Geico car insurance

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I did the same as you and switched to Geico after my rates kept going up "with the good hands people" every six months due to my zip code. Geico's customer service was fast and very friendly and gave me exremely low rates with the same coverage as my previous insurance carrier.  Well, after the first six months, the next policy rates went up a little. Then the next policy they went up more and the next considerably more so I dropped them and went to switch once again.  Also, you have to wonder about a company that spends an "enormous" amount of money on marketing and television and radio air time.  They run their commericals constantly.  I get mailers in the mail all the time.  Did you know they also have airplanes (those little ones that fly over with banners that you see on the beach) that advertise the Geico logo?  I didn't believe it myself until I saw one drive over my office building last Summer. Hopefully you will have better luck and will not experience Geico raising your rates later on.  But if they do, just shop around once again. I went with Erie and so far so good!  Keeping my fingers crossed but happy for now.

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@september wrote:

I’ve had AAA insurance for 30+ years and get a loyalty discount.  A few years back, I got a quote from Geico to see if I could get a lower rate.  Geico would have been more expensive.  


I’m also planning to stay with AAA for their service.  I’ve had two claims over the years.  In each case, the other driver was at fault and uninsured.  AAA had to cover me, and they eventually reimbursed me for everything, including my deductibles.

ITA with you on AAA Insurance. A lot of people only look at the rates but the real test of an insurance co. is how they treat you if you are involved in an accident. AAA takes care of you.....even covered DH's tractor (and rented him a loaner!) when some crazy lady went waaaaay off the road and hit it. Rates are one thing but how they treat you IF something bad happens matters much more.AAA has your back and great rates (if you are a good driver). They are AAA!

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@Mary Bailey wrote:

Geico was extremely high over insurance direct through Harley Davidson, 3 times higher


I don't know about car insurance

@Mary Bailey 

I am not surprised that motorcycle insurance is higher with any insurance company.  They are dangerous even for good experienced riders.


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