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Re: About QVC's Restocking FEES !!

@Suzy P wrote:

I am really disappointed with the policy of your restocking fee.  We are already charged shipping and handling on each item even if shipped on same order.


I think this policy should be done away with to encourage more buyers, it's not our fault if the item needs to be returned and we should NOT have to pay what feels like a penalty for buying items on QVC.


I am certain they (QVC) can afford to walk a item back to where it belongs without charing people this Restocking Fee. I am truly disappointed and it seems greedy to me on their part.


I do love QVC but this alone is making me change my mind about newer purchases in the future.

I do not know what you are referring to.  QVC does not charge restpclomg fees.  True, they do not refund shipping costs, but this has been their [olicy since February 18, 2015, and is clearly spelled out on the website.  This is NOT a restocking fee, so complaining that QVC is charging a restocking fee when it does not is senseless.

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I would refuse to pay the restocking fee since you weren't informed and you cancelled before you received the item.I refused to pay one at a furniture store when I selected an item and they told me they had to order, stock in their ward house.We picked up the coffe table and found it didn't work in our house snd the same day returned it.They called it a special order but I said nothing was changed from the show model and I got all of my money back.

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I've always said that it costs to shop.


Throughout the years many stores have had very generous return policies, however the thieves took advantage of them and now we pay the price.


I asked at Target once why the returned vacuum was re-opened while the customer was right there....was told there had been too many returns of boxes filled and then taped down with soap, bricks and anything else weighted to the exact weight of the original vacuum!


That was amazing to me.

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I will not buy if there is a restocking fee.  It is that simple.  And only once did I see that in print and I did not even consider the item.  

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Re: GRRR Restocking Fees

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DH and I once ordered a complete set of living room furniture, paid 25% down, very upscale local furniture store. Furniture was promised in six weeks. After no furniture and 12 weeks later, we went there and told them to cancel the order, we'd go somewhere else, give us a refund.  That's when they reminded us of the restocking fee and said they still couldn't tell us a delivery date we could rely on. Ha ha ha ha, you shoulda been there. Late DH was a cross between F. Lee Bailey and Billy Graham, gifted with the power of persuasion. In the throes of leukemia treatment. Needless to say, we left the store with a full refund, went to another local store and had furniture the next week. Never walked into that store again, and won't.

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Re: About QVC's Restocking FEES !!

@Suzy P   QVC doesn't have restocking fees.  However, Q does not return the cost they charge to ship you an item if you return it, unless the item was defective or they sent you the wrong one, in which case it will be refunded.

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My nephew worked in loss prevention at Target. Oh, the stories he can tell!