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Re: ~GOOD NEWS! Full Functionality for iPads/iPhones~

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I am still trying to learn. 😊

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Re: ~GOOD NEWS! Full Functionality for iPads/iPhones~

I don't have an iPad, but I'm glad they made these features available.  It seems that there are a LOT of iPads out there in Q Board land.  Smiley Happy


Another thing is that you can make paragraphs, too.  I'm seeing (not in this thread) a lot of ginormo-paragraph posts so I don't know if people realize that they can make paragraphs.


Just enter down twice to start the next paragraph.  Makes it a LOT easier to read.  I don't even try to read the ginormo-paragraph posts because my eyes cross before I can get too far. hehe

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Re: ~GOOD NEWS! Full Functionality for iPads/iPhones~

Paragraphs were the one thing I did in HTML on the old forum, because wall-o-text makes me crazy.

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Re: ~GOOD NEWS! Full Functionality for iPads/iPhones~

That lack of not being able to paragraph was another reason I kept my responses short.


i finally learned how to do the paragraph code but then would forget to insert it sometimes.

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Re: ~GOOD NEWS! Full Functionality for iPads/iPhones~

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sidsmom wrote:


Is your iPad screen still 'jumping'?  My iPad was perfect when the new features came out, but over the last couple has gone back to pausing & jumping.


Am I the only one?  Sidsmom


I didn't know this thread was still active.


Yes, the screen is jumping away on my iPad and iPhone.  It changes only because of differences in the banners we see across the top of the page -- the ones advertising sales or special events.  Until they fix the way the page loads for these devices, the problem will continue.


However, the Q Team did  say in their thread announcing the iPad updates, "Improved iPad functionality is now live!"


"...Thanks for your patience while we got this resolved. There are more updates coming that will address other navigational issues that have been reported (i.e. My Activity Page and the jumping screen)..."


They also wrote:

"Please let us know if you notice any problems with using an iPad in the Community."


So, I think that thread might the best place for all of us to discuss problems so more of us can see the descriptions and solutions in one place:


Please go to link:

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